About Us

Welcome eyechangebox :)
The Color Lens Shop is an online marketplace launched in Korea in 2012. We handle color contact lens products that K-pop idols often use. Our color lens is a full-fledged brand with many stores in Korea. Our shop launches this brand and promotes cheap and quality products to many friends around the world.
We handle only safe lenses. The Korean government inspects the product thoroughly for the products used in human body. And the store that sells the lens has laws that allow only qualified professionals to sell it. Our store launches with them. Therefore, we can guarantee the safety. We are launching a variety of brands and will continue to launch.
The word beauty is the desire of all women. The appearance of a person comes from more than 80% of the beauty in the eyes. You will be able to upgrade with beautiful eyes without side effects if you follow the instruction to put on the contacts and the duration to wear them. The lens we sell is famous among Korean women and there are many videos on YouTube. I invite you to the eye change box.